This project came about by chance. Some friends of mine were taking part in the Mongol Rally - a quite brutal pursuit where you drive a car with a maximum engine size of 1.2 from Dover in the UK, all the way to Ulanbataar in Mongolia. My friends are a little mad. I knew of the trip and even produced a short fundraising promotional film for them, but I was taken by surprise when they arrived back after their exploits with a lot of video content under their belts. They had shot almost the entire trip on a GoPro camera and they were curious as to whether or not the footage could be edited into something useful. At first I thought that I could do them a favour by setting some of the footage to music as a little momento and a congratulations present. When I saw that they actually had the thick end of a terabyte of footage, covering their journey all the way from Dover, on the ferry, through France, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Ukraine, Khazakstan, Russia, and then Mongolia, I thought we had an opportunity to make something bigger - something more interesting.

This was a personal project for everyone involved, including myself. I went about interviewing the guys who had done the trip and also some of the people they had met along the way. I worked on the film in between other jobs and in the evenings when I could. With all of the footage to sift through, it actually took me around 18 months to finally complete the film but it was worthwhile and I’m very proud of it. The brilliant Northern Irish band Kowlaski gave me permission to use their tracks - the perfect driving music - throughout the film, and all the efforts resulted in a 50 minute documentary about the Mongol Rally which has now been watched 25,000 times.