As referenced in the commercial photography section of this site, not too long ago I got my dream commission - to go out to the Alps and document the journey of a set of people from all over Europe as they made the transition from road running to trail running. Whilst there I worked alongside a couple of filmmakers who were producing a brilliant documentary on the experience which has since gone on to play at film festivals around the world.

Not long after arriving back in the UK I was asked to film some interviews with the London based participants of the Hood to Trail adventure, those interviews eventually making their way into the documentary as supporting material. I can’t begin to describe how special it was to work on the project both as a photographer and as a filmmaker. I try to visit the Alps as often as I can for my landscape photography, specifically around the Samoens and Chamonix region, and so to visit with such a warm and determined group of people and to witness and capture their experience and work alongside them was beyond words.