Many years ago a very close friend very kindly offered to let me use his apartment in France for a break. It was a time in my life when travelling and trips weren’t really an option and so the chance of a cheap break was too good to pass up. I knew very little about the area I’d be staying in, or what I would do there, but that didn’t matter - I had a pair of trainers for walking and a suitcase of books to read. I flew to geneva and then got an airport transfer back into France and to a small town called Samoens.

I’ve been back to Samoens many times. I mark that first visit as a turning point in my life. I daresay all of the images you see on this site are in some way a result of that first visit to that magical sleepy village at just the right time. I explore a little further now, driving over from the UK and hiking in the hills around Annecy and Chamonix, but it is Samoens that started it and that will keep me going back to France and adding to this collection.