About me…

I love shooting photographs. I also love being outdoors be that on the coast or in a meadow or up a hill. Give me the opporunity to to take photographs on the coast, in a meadow or up a hill, and I may well lick your face.

I grew up in Northumberland so have that lovely melodic Northumbrian/Geordie twang - feel free to call me any time to hear it. My youth was spent getting up to all sorts of mischief throughout the beautiful Tyne Valley, and despite a good few years learning and living and working in cities in adulthood, in my thirties I have returned to the passions of my youth and look for any opportunity to get out and to explore.

I originally trained as an actor - through University and Drama School and then spent several years in London working in theatre and film and cursing my various agents and never quite getting to where I wanted to be. Without my knowing however, alongside this fruitless pursuit I was developing other skills - I was invited onto and trained at The Royal Court Theatre as part of their Young Writers Programme, and I became a devoted student of film. Eventually these two interests came together and I hung up my acting hat and set up a film company with my friend and colleague Matt Rozier.

Blind Crow Pictures started out by making trailers for plays - with the rise of social media and YouTube in particular, we saw an opportunity that many theatres weren’t taking advantage of at the time. We made created cinema style trailers and behind the scenes documentaries for The Royal Court, The Bush, The Young Vic and the Soho Theatre to name but a few. As we produced more work and got better at what we did, other non-theatre clients started to get in touch. Fast forward 10 years and we have produced over 300 films for clients including the Vodafone, English Heritage, The National Grid, Hampton Court Palace, and the Institute of Cancer Research. Each year we grow, and each year I become more grateful that I managed to find a way of making a living doing something I enjoy a great deal.

In 2013 I was working on one of our Blind Crow Productions, and we were shooting on one of our Canon 5D DSLR cameras, and it struck me that despite owning and using a DSLR almost daily, I had never used it for what it was designed for - taking photos. I had a trip to Australia planned and so took it with me. I never thought I’d find something I loved more than film, but, to be frank, photography has blown it out of the water. Over the past 6 years I have taken every opportunity I can to shoot photographs. I shoot weddings, I shoot portraits, I shoot products, I shoot babies (that sounds wrong…). My absolute pleasure, my heaven, the cherry on my cake, is shooting landscapes. Combining photography with getting out and off the beaten track is what I live for, and I hope you will see this passion and pleasure in the images on this site.

You can find me in the Lake District at least once a month and, if I can be sneaky, more often than that. My favourite thing in the whole wide world is to nip over there on an impromptu trip, make my decision as to where to head for as I drive and see the cloud cover along the A66, and to have as little time as possible between leaving my house and standing on top of a fell - you know, for the contrast. I’ll bumble around at night with my head torch on, I’ll stumble around before the dawn trying to get ready for a sunset. I’ll never get bored of it and I’ll never stop going back to splash in the tarns and scale the peaks and explore the valleys.

I like to stretch my legs a little further when I can - I’ve enjoyed trips to Scotland many times (with Skye and Torridon being particular favourites of mine), and I get over to France and Switzerland when ever time and money allow. More recently I’ve started to explore coastal paths and the art of long exposure photography. It has opened up a new world to me and I look forward to many years working out what to do.