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 About me…

My work as a photographer grew from my operating cameras on video shoots. I have run, and continue to run with my colleague Matt Rozier, a film company called Blind Crow Pictures specialising in the production of promotional videos for web and social use. We started BCP just as DSLRs were starting to turn people’s heads with their video capabilities, and so for many years I shot video on a stills camera. It was around 2012 when I first started using the equipment for what it was actually built for, and started to take my Canon 5D mark II on hikes with me and shooting landscape photography.

Over the years my practice as a photographer has changed (including the kit that I use - I now shoot exclusively with Sony gear). I shoot portraiture, weddings, live music, property and documentary promotional stills, and I try to balance this with my work as a filmmaker. Some things have stayed the same however, and whenever time will allow my first instinct is to head out for a hike and to indulge in my favourite type of photography - landscape.

With my work I travel the length of the country almost weekly - I have bases in Northumberland and in Essex and I flit between the two as required, usually calling in somewhere along the way for a photography or video shoot.